Where are the baskets from?

Our local weavers from Ghana (Bolgatanga) produce these baskets. When you buy a basket, you also support the local families and community. We love Ghana, it's people and the culture and we are happy to help them in several ways to make a difference. 


What are the baskets made of?

The baskets are woven from elephant grass. You see it everywhere around and it's a typical African product. For generations now the weavers learned the techniques of processing the grass and turn it into something beautiful. 

The baskets are very strong and flexible. The different coloures come from natural dyes, made from plants and minerals. Sometimes they also use non-toxic fabric dyes. The handles of the baskets are covered with goat-leather. 


What if my basket is out of shape?

We always shape the baskets before sending, but sometimes they can get ut of shape in the mail. Shaping is fast and easy. The best way is to wet the areas that need fixing. use hot water and place on a flat surface. Use your hands to mold the basket in a better shape and let it dry.


Why does it take a while before I have my basket, or why are they sold out quickly?
We try to order the baskets all together as a package at the weavers. So the can have a few days or weeks of work instead of once in a while making a mosesbasket. We also try to have some baskets on stock, but these are always sold out very soon.. 

What do I use as a mattress?
We are working on our own mattress-line. But before then, you can for example use a natural, short-haired, sheep skin or little soft blanket. If you want to use the babybasket overnight as a bed, and not only for little naps, you can order a customized fitting mattress online. Always keep an eye on you baby! Be aware that infants can suffocate in gaps on the side. Never use pillows, mattresses or extra paddings. 

Can I use the moses basket as a travelbed?
You can off course bring the basket everywhere. But do not lift the basket while your baby is in it. We recommend to place the handles to the outside when the baby is in the basket. 
Until what age can I use the basket?
The basket is suitable for babies until around 8 kilo's or around 4 months. When your baby can sit/roll over or push up it is recommended to not use it anymore for naps. But... then it is a perfect basket to storage toys or blankets!